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"People go through every moment of their lives... without thinking about Native peoples or american colonialism for one second. And, frustratingly, our society and education system has deemed that perfectly fine.” This blog is dedicated to north 'american' Indigenous culture, struggle and identity. It serves as a tool to not only celebrate these cultures and people, but also to combat the continuous cycle of ignorance, racism and cultural genocide against Native peoples.

SB2109 Video- Tuba City, AZ- McCain & Kyl from Paper Rocket Productions on Vimeo.

Senate Bill 2109 Seeks to Extinguish Navajo and Hopi Water Rights

SB 2109 was introduced into congress on February 14, 2012

Over 300 Diné and Hopi people ( including traditional people and elders) upset by the latest colonial attack on indigenous peoples water rights, gathered to protest the visits of two US Senators (Jon Kyl & John McCain) to the Navajo Nation April 5, 2012.The people had gathered to say “NO DEAL” and “KILL THE BILL” to S2109, the bill that would allow for more water to flow into Arizona for the benefit of companies and urban growth. 

Protesters chanted “Water Is Life”, “Free Indian Water Ends Now”, “Let the Water Flow”, “Sewage Water for McCain and Kyl”, other chants were said in Diné.

Protesters waited for the Navajo president Ben Shelly and US senators McCain and Kyl to exit the meeting in Tuba City, on the Navajo Nation. Earlier protesters marched in the streets of Tuba City, as Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly met with the Senators to discuss the further dismantling of Navajo and Hopi water rights. Navajo Nation president Ben Shelly announced to the public after the meeting that a deal has not been made yet. He stated that “the agreement will have to be agreed to by the Navajo People.” There are 7 town hall meetings scheduled to hear input from 7 of the 110 chapter houses (similar to districts) and council delegates. However, the Navajo people would like more than 7 town hall meetings because this bill affects more chapters including ones in New Mexico.


"They want people to give up their claim to a clean water source, then they want to deregulate pollution standards. It’s a slow methodical form of manslaughter by toxicity."


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