Indigenous Revelations

"People go through every moment of their lives... without thinking about Native peoples or american colonialism for one second. And, frustratingly, our society and education system has deemed that perfectly fine.” This blog is dedicated to north 'american' Indigenous culture, struggle and identity. It serves as a tool to not only celebrate these cultures and people, but also to combat the continuous cycle of ignorance, racism and cultural genocide against Native peoples.

We-Wa, a Zuni two-spirit

Many Indigenous cultures embraced gender, sexual orientation, and sexuality as fluid entities. You did not have to be exclusively woman or man, straight or gay, and sex was a natural and non-deviant act. Gender and sexuality is an internalized truth and reflects one’s connection to the earth, surroundings and self. Colonization forced the values of patriarchy (the cultural value system kept in order by white heterosexual male power) on all peoples. From this destructive value system stems many social ills such as homophobia, racism, violence and trauma.

I dedicate this post to all two-spirit people. Know that you are beautiful no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are. Mother Earth does not discriminate, so why should we?

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    #truth! Love and except everyone.. we all bleed red! If you were in a car accident would you say no to some elses blood...
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