Indigenous Revelations

"People go through every moment of their lives... without thinking about Native peoples or american colonialism for one second. And, frustratingly, our society and education system has deemed that perfectly fine.” This blog is dedicated to north 'american' Indigenous culture, struggle and identity. It serves as a tool to not only celebrate these cultures and people, but also to combat the continuous cycle of ignorance, racism and cultural genocide against Native peoples.

“We Never was Happy Living Like a Whiteman” : Mental Health Disparities and the Postcolonial Predicament in American Indian Communities

"You take a group of people that have been living here for thousands and thousands and thousands of years in one way, in one custom, in one traditional way that worked…. Nobody [wanted] to get rid of it. But when the Whiteman came, they…forced the people, the Indian people, to get rid of their way. Their religious spiritual beliefs. They forced them to trade their economy, which was based on the barter system, and on living off of the land—the wildlife, fish…and herbal medicines. They forced them to change that. And then they not only did that, they annihilated them. Then they turned around and forced their culture on them—their religion, their beliefs, their foreign ways onto them—by taking all the young people out of the homes and putting them away in boarding schools…and forcing the Whiteman’s teachings on them. Such as history. They changed history, rewrote history to suit themselves, to justify the bad things they did to the Indian people…. It’s genocide…. That’s what it was: Genocide." 

Read more on Native post-colonial psychology in Duran and Duran’s: 

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    And this is why I have never made any attempt to claim my Cherokee heritage. Yes, I suppose I have “Cherokee blood,” but...
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    Yes, but is safe to say that all “old ways” are good and healthy? I’m not saying Native American ways weren’t or that...
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