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"People go through every moment of their lives... without thinking about Native peoples or american colonialism for one second. And, frustratingly, our society and education system has deemed that perfectly fine.” This blog is dedicated to north 'american' Indigenous culture, struggle and identity. It serves as a tool to not only celebrate these cultures and people, but also to combat the continuous cycle of ignorance, racism and cultural genocide against Native peoples.

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Does “Indian Blood” still matter?

Watch the panel discuss the history, scientific meanings as well as the issues regarding blood quantum and Indigenous peoples. 

The Business of Fancydancing by Sherman Alexie

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Occidental College’s First Nations logo designed by Mondrian Chee.

Check out his page and contact him for all your design needs. He is immensely talented!



We owe many iconic images of American Indians to photographer Edward S. Curtis. Growing up in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Curtis began photographing Indians in 1895 and, in 1906, was offered $75,000 by JP Morgan to continue documenting their lives.  The 1,500 resulting photographs inevitably impacted the image of Indians in the American imagination.Later it came to light that Curtis’ photographs weren’t exactly pure representations.  In some photographs, for example, he erased signs of modernity. 

Follow the source to read more and see the altered images.

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Kristy Yuzicappi, she is a Champion Jingle Dancer out of Canada.